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Duane Antonin Arbizu 

I'D like yall to check out a brand new model of recovery.... check us out at       check out The Comfort Cafe   and look into the Texas Country Reporters show about us. Contact the program director at 512-321-8336

I was lost in addiction for 20 years.... been to 4 other treatment centers and never found the love or healing that Ive found here.....   Please take a minute to get to know us

Dick B. 


Still following this recovery presentation to emphasize  the progress present-day 12 Step programs are making in returning to look at, study, learn, and apply the original Akron A.A. old school Christian Fellowship techniques in the backdrop of A.A. General Service Conference-approved literature today.

We lay the process before you in two new books: Stick with the Winners! and Pioneer Stories in Alcoholics Anonymous. These are available now in print-on-demand and electronic form on and Barnes and

For further info, give us a ring  808 874 4876


Knet Was here..
Greetings from Argentina .. bye



Richard G. Burns, J.D., CDAAC  

Just checking in to congratulate you on  your happening site, and to suggest some things that might bless your readers and followers:

1. Our work in the International Christian Recovery Coalition. See No cost to be listed.

2. Our continuing interviews of top Christian Recovery Leaders we have met over the last 22 years of travels, conferences, workshops, retreats, and meetings. See the entire site.

3. To follow our ongoing research, findings, books, articles, and talks, follow our main blogsite:

And thank you for your Journey Magazine and site. We will be speaking in Orlando and Miami in November.

God Bless, Dick B., Writer, Historian, Retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, and active recovered AA member. Published 44 titles and over 1150 articles on A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement.

aly adyb 

This is amazing! I have been working for an NGO founded and run by recovering addicts in the Maldives, and the name of our NGO is Journey.

We would be delight to and grateful for any assistance.  


Richard Thomas 


Miracles in a RainDrop, By

 The rains were here. Hurricane Alex was poundingthe shorelines of Texas. Inland, in San Antonio it was creating downpours.Because of strong winds there was a slight delay in landing, but our flight fromChicago arrived without incident for the 75th InternationalConvention of Alcoholics Anonymous.

 Our immediate destination after deplaning wasthe tent city “Sober Ranch” downtown. Here we would share hopes and dreams (ourMileStoneCoin Vision) with comrades. As we jumped into the rental car trudgingthe Happy Road of Destiny, Mike and I discovered the location was in thehistoric River Walk District near the Alamo. It was Wednesday June 30thand the plan was to stay in Texas until July 5th on a mission to putMileStoneCoins on the map as a Sobriety Coin company.

 Our medallions are like no others. We use theminted year of a U.S. half dollar to commemorate and celebrate the beginning ofyour journey. We believe there are 2 important days to remember. These are theday you asked for help, which starts your sobriety year, and today.

 We found Sober Ranch and our MileStoneCointent. What a sight, there were over 80 thousand members for this most specialanniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous.  5trips to Akron Ohio for “Founders Day” were little to prepare us for acelebration of this magnitude.

 We set up shop next to The 12 Step Ball (.com)tent and we met the ball’s creator, Amy. She is truly, a South Texas Girl. We wereinstantly impressed by both her and her product. It was not long after westarted building our coin displays that the rains hit heavily. During thisdeluge, a woman approached with trepidation into our tent. Even soaked to thebone, she could not have been over 90lbs. With disappointment in her voice shestated that none of the other vendors had an anniversary coin for her.

Mike inquired as to what she waslooking for. She responded that she had quit drinking two hours earlier afterspending her last dollar on a pint. That all the other vendors could offer wasa 24 hour coin.

We gave her a 2010 MileStoneCoin,explaining that this could be the only sobriety coin she would ever need. Wetold her MileStoneCoins celebrates the year when one asks for help to stop theinsanity. There was sunlight in her eyes on this cloudy and rainy day. Therewas a ray of hope. There was more than just rain running down from hereyes.  This was what I had come towitness.

For the next 5 days we worked as hardas we had ever worked anywhere. When time allowed, Amy stepped up andhelped us tremendously. We made so many global friends and heard many morewonderful stories. We were all exhausted by our last day. To our surprise whileclosing up shops, the very same yet now confident young sober woman camestrutting up to us and to deliver hugs, professing 5 days of sobriety. Sheintroduced herself as Maria and praised us for selfless generosity and kindness.We had witnessed a miracle.

When a drop of rain lands it hasreached it’s so called bottom. This fall does not facilitate the end of therain drop. The action of the fall creates an opposite and equal reaction withthe rain drop now reaching for the sky. With a spirit greater than her, Maria’stime had arrived to be on a similar journey.

 Today July 1st, 2011 we received aletter and surprise check from Maria to let us know that she now celebrates 1year of continuous sobriety with the same coin she used to celebrate 2 hours.

As I get ready to celebrate thisyear’s Independence Day, I look at my sobriety coin andsee “IN GOD WE TRUST” and think how fortunate it is for me to be a part ofA.A... I thank its membership for changing my perception of the journey.

THANK YOU,                                                               

Richard Thomas,                    

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Marc Baisden 


Awesome site. I will be reccomending it to others.






Love, Love, Looooove this magazine!!! I have been reading it since I got sober back in July or 09. I look forward to it each month! Thank you for providing this...RECOVERY IS AWESOME!!!



Vicki Slater 


Stumbled Upon your website yesterday.  It's like Christmas in March!  Love it.  Absolutely love it.  I work with substance abusing/addicted parents involved with Child Welfare, at Child Welfare as a certified couselor with the Addiction Recovery Team (ART).  I'm always cruising the net looking for good stuff for clients and co-workers.  I think I hit the Mother Lode with this one!



Just found Journey.  WIll spend some time going through your site.  I work with Project GHB and we deal with GHB addiction.  Unfortunately very few treatment centers or counselors are aware that GHB involves a severe and prolonged medical detox (not cold turkey) and we struggle to get real help for people through our GHB addiction helpline.  We've worked with more than 3,000 GHB addicts in 20 countries.  We are trying hard to get the detox protocol info out there.  And we work to get the addicts to follow through with counseling and ongoing support.  They are a unique and unrecognized group.  While their issues are the same as all addicts in terms of chemical dependence and what it takes to recover and stay off of it, the detox is such a crucial moment and true medical help is needed. 

Jeffrey Ira Greenspan 

Your registration form will not accept my user name as brotherjeffg. It keeps putting my password in it's place. What am I doing wrong? HELP!


Your registration form will not accept my user name as brotherjeffg. It keeps putting my password in it's place. What am I doing wrong?  HELP!

Shannon W 

Very cool site.  Love the Magazine!

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Sean Dearborn 

I read the story by DyceK in this months publication adn was emotionally lead through his life and found his writing to be honest and forgiving. Love is the word I will use to describe the way I feel when I read this  article.
Hope all is well and keep up the great workd.
Sean Dearborn

Charlie G. 

Hi Karen,
Thank you for your vote of confidence.
Unfortunately, Journey can not afford to pay for artwork (we have readers submit artwork, poems & prose for our column 'Prose Posse' that we select from to publish each issue.
While It's all in the Journey pays for itself - it does not make a profit; we struggle every issue to sell enough ads to get an issue out - and always a God shot in the form of a final advertiser needed calls at the last minute!
If it weren't for the generosity of addiction pioneer Terence T. Gorski, renowned recovery comedian Mark Lundholm, eating disorder specialist Dr. Kimberly Dennis, addiction counselor Val Elsbree & my sponsor Dyce Kimura - who write the columns 'Personal Perspective', 'First Thought Wrong!', 'Food Fight', 'Peeling the Onion', and 'God & the 12 Steps' - all at no charge - we definitely wouldn't break even - it's because of these incredible people who I am blessed to be able to call my friends (and our incredible advertisers - everyone should call one or two & thank them for supporting Journey), we wouldn't be able to send out 21,000 copies for free each issue.
They are definitely a God shot!
Charlie G.


I am a greenhorn when it comes to computers.  I am however, an accomlished Recovery Doodle Artist and I am also a writer.  I draw emotions and put stories to them to explain my feelings.  I have quite a collection of prints on my website.  My number one goal is to help people in recovery.  My number two goal is to make some money to keep myself in supplies so I can continue to share my recovery doodles to the masses.  I would be interested in talking with you about perhaps a regular item in your magazine, using my art and my words.

Please take a look at and you will understand what I'm speaking of.

I had great difficulty registering on this site.  It's probably my ignorance of the process, but, in any event, I hope this message gets to someone who can evaluate the idea and get back to me.  Thank you for your attention.  Have a Blessed Day.

Karen Mock, ArtToRecovery.

Kaye Degel 

Charlie it looks like you have done it again. Those God shots just keep on coming!! Most of them bring tears to my eyes. I just can't get enough! I so want to have Grapevine Valley Hope advertise in IAITJ! I use it so often when I need referrals in other states or cities! Thank you Charlie for listening when God called your name!!

Charlie G. 

Dear Cindy,
My bad! We lowered the cost of subscriptions to $35 for 6 months & $60 for one year so people who are not in the states we currently go to (over 21,000 copies a month go to over 1,000 facilities, 800 AA & NA clubhouses and to over 2,000 refering addiction professionals & EAP's in CA., FL., TX., TN., Co., NY., NJ., Pa & a few others) 
could receive Journey at an affordable cost, and we could still be able to pay for the extra printing and mailing (99% of Journey magazines are free - it pays for itself through advertiers, but rigorious honesty? It just does. Every issue that makes it to print is a God shot - and it's made it for 3 years now! But, with subscriptions we can't use our bulk mail permits & the cost is necessary for mailing the magazine outside of the areas we send large amounts to. 
When we lowered the cost, my IT guy did not change it on PayPal, though he changed the buttons on our website. He is fixing it as I type.
Thanks for the heads up.
Charlie G.
PS - For those who do not receive it, and can not or do not want to buy a subscription; you can download & read it on the website for free. (But if you can - SUBSCRIBE!   We could use all we get!


Dear Charlie and Gang,
Although I haven't seen a hard copy of the magazine, I love what I have read on-line. Have been sober 38 years and worked in the field for more than 35 years and have seen lots of recovery magazines come and go over the years. I think yours is a keeper! It's great to see a magazine that's not full of psychobabble about addiction.

One question ... why is there a huge difference in subscription prices when paying by check/mail and paying my PayPal (a full year is a $20 difference)?

Thanks so much and God bless you,


In 19 yrs I haven't found a publication that encompasses all forms of addiction as well as this one thanks.
Thanks for letting me read it online

Charlie G 

Hi Bob, I'm Charlie G.; Founder & Editor of It's all in the Journey.
Sorry you weren't impressed with our website - me personally?
I LOVE IT; it's a God shot.

As for your statement that you would NOT shell out 30 clams for a magazine you haven't seen; it's actually 35 clams for a 6 month subscription. But, you can download and read every single issue here on the website for free.

Just click the Journey name under the issue you want to read (red for flash or white for a PDF), give it a moment to download, then just point your cursor towards a page's corner, left click, and the page will flip and even give the sound effect of a page turning. Hold your left click down & as you move your mouse around, you can bend and move the page as if it was being held between your thumb & finger! It impressed me when we got that software.

It's all in the Journey prints & distributes 21,000 copies each month that go (for free) to over 1,000 Detox & Treatment Centers, 800 AA & NA Clubhouses and to over 8,000 addiction professionals & EAP's across the country.

Finally, as you'll see if you download an issue, some of our columnists include addiction pioneer Terrence Gorski, nationally renowned recovery comedian Mark Lundholm, eating disorder specialist Dr. Kimberly Dennis and Dye K. - who sponsored me through the steps and reintroduced me to God - has a column called 'God & the 12 Steps that is ... impressive!

Our interviews have included everyone from Woodstock creator Artie Kornfeld to Richie Supra of Aerosmith to Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund to 2x Indy 500 winner Al Unser, Jr. to the U.S. Deputy Drug Czar (under President Bush), Dr. Bertha Madras and many, many more.

Also, our on-line Detox & Treatment Directory lists EVERY facility in the country - over 10,000; so someone looking for help can find it anywhere. And with over 62,000 visitors to the site so far, and the directory being the #2 destination for visitors (Google Analytical); I believe we have helped people find treatment & the first step towards an inner peace that is beyond words.
We don't have to live with the emptiness & the loneliness, the anger & the guilt, that no amount of drinking or drugging will satiate, Bob. 

I know.

That's my daughter, Joy, sitting in the 'O' of JOURNEY on every cover. Joy was accidentally strangled in the footrest of a recliner chair in 1984 when she was 2 years old and suffered massive brain damage. In 1985 I made the decision that it would be better to let her die than exist as she was; on life support and in a chronic vegetative state for years.

After that decision I tried EVERYTHING to stop the guilt, the pain, the anger, the loneliness & the emptiness inside of me. Nothing worked.
Until I gave up, went to treatment, got a sponsor and worked the 12 steps.

It saved my life and gave me something I never dreamed possible  - an inner peace.

I'd be happy to send you some copies of Journey if you send me your address to: And if you go to meetings & they don't receive Journey, I'd be happy to add them to our mailing list - they go to clubhouses in 24 packs and it's free.

Read an issue or two - they may impress you, and e-mail me your address so I can send you some hard copies.

Charlie G.

PS - Also, our contact info is available on the website. It is in our media kit, which you can read or print out, but you're right - it could be more accessible.

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